Kylies Arse Is Bigger Than Elvis

Kylies Arse Is Bigger Than Elvis
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Track listings for this album:

  1. Bin Laden Song
  2. Kylie’s Arse Is Going Solo
  3. I’ll Never Surrender
  4. If You Make Me Blue
  5. John Leslie Shagged Ulrika
  6. Clapped Out Cadillac Song (tribute to Elvis)
  7. Leopard Skin Handbag
  8. Matthew Kelly Got Spunk On His Belly When He Met Dr David Kelly
  9. Horizontal Shuffle & Mr Elkington’s Words Of Wisdom
  10. Always Room For One More
  11. A Ballard For A Dead Drummer
  12. Who Wants To Be A Millionaire
  13. Idi Armin
  14. Dot Com Love
  15. The Quill Song – Badaxe Tribute To The Master Of Celtic Rock
  16. George Best’s Liver
  17. Prince William Song ft Aaron Barschak
  18. Jeffrey Archer Ballard Of A Lying Bastard